Become a Clean Beach supporter

We are constantly looking for co-operative partners to support the ongoing realisation of the Clean Beach programme. Financial support is necessary, for example, for the organisation of training for clean-up advisors, the updating and printing of campaign materials, translations of texts, updating of websites, the acquisition of cleaning equipment and the covering of waste management fees.

The year 2021 marks the eighth year of the Clean Beach programme, and over the years, it has gained national awareness and extensive recognition. Clean Beach offers its supporters positive visibility and gratifying co-operation. As the littering of our seas is gaining more visibility in the media and international politics, participation in the Clean Beach programme is a great way for companies to gain added visibility. A company’s ability to show its environmental awareness is particularly important at a time when many environmental problems are causing major global concern and consumers are making more informed choices. By supporting the Clean Beach programme, you are helping to prevent littering in our seas. Together, we can convey our important messages in a more powerful way to the public at large.

Sponsorship levels

200–500 €

  • Possibility to support the programme, for example, through product donations, such as cleaning equipment, products for food and coffee service or by offering services
  • Name inclusion on the Clean Beach programme website
  • Use of the Clean Beach patron logo for the supporter’s own site
  • Patrons are entitled to take advantage of the positive image of this co-operation in their own publications and marketing communications
  • Patrons receive materials for the organisation of their own Clean Beach clean-up events and the programme’s communication materials for use in social media

2000–3000 €

In addition to the comprehensive visibility available at the patron level, the following benefits are available to sponsors:

  •  Logo visibility among the sponsors shown on the Clean Beach website
  • Visibility in Clean Beach-related articles in the Association’s Roope newsletter (16,000 printed copies) and in the Clean Beach social media channels
  • Possibility to customise the forms of collaboration
  • The sponsors are listed among the supporting companies for the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association for 2019. Sponsoring companies are listed by name on the Association’s website under the title of Sponsors and in the Association’s Roope newsletter
  • Sponsors can receive help from a clean-up advisor representing the Association at their own Clean Beach clean-up events

Co-operative partner
4000–5000 €

In addition to the comprehensive visibility available at the sponsor level, the following benefits are available to co-operative partners:

  • Logo visibility among the group of co-operative partners on the Clean Beach website and in the programme’s social media channels
  • Logo visibility at the programme’s main events
  • Logo visibility in marketing materials published at the end of the term of the programme
  • Regional media releases will be issued about shared clean-up events and co-operation
  • Co-operative partners can request Association personnel to help with shared Clean Beach clean-up events and to distribute related info bulletins

Please note! Those who organise clean-up events can also source their own local supporters. These supporters will not be shown in the communications of the Clean Beach programme. They will only be named in the communications and marketing of the organiser in question.