Litter reporting

The objective of the Clean Beach programme is to clean up the beaches as well as to gather information about the litter found on those beaches. Clean-up volunteers play a big role in this process. Keep the Archipelago Tidy continues the work initiated by the MARLIN project by gathering information about the litter along the country’s beaches. We kindly request that all organisers joining the programme report back to the Association on all litter gathered at their individual clean-up events using the provided litter collection form.

Recording the litter by numbers of individual items is the same method used internationally to monitor littering, so this facilitates the comparison of results with other litter reports.  In the ‘Other’ field on the form, you can document the types of litter that were found, provided that the litter can be identified.

Litter reporting:

  1. Print out litter collection forms for all the volunteers participating in the event.
  2. The best way to collect and report all litter found is to divide the volunteers into teams of 2–3 persons.
  3. One person on the team keeps a tally of the collected litter on the form provided. The other member(s) of the team state(s) the type and number of pieces of collected litter.
  4. Return the completed form to the event organisers.
  5. The event organiser delivers the forms to the Clean Beach coordinators either by filling out a summary form online, mailing the collected litter collection forms or by sending the scanned litter collection forms to us by e-mail or traditional mail.

By e-mail

You can scan or photograph the filled litter collection form and send it electronically to

By mail

Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association / Clean Beach
Linnankatu 16
FI-20100 Turku

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